About Us

20170624_160606656_iOSGaston Pouliot a.k.a “The Beekeeper”

IT professional by day, nature lover and outdoorsman by heart.

Raised in New Brunswick, his favourite memories were of riding his horse, messing around on ATVs and camping in the many national parks.

As a teenager his first job was in a monastery as a beekeeper. He always dreamed one day of having bees of his own.

Every year since moving to Ontario, he would drive up to Algonquin Park to marvel at the fall colours and wanted nothing more than to one day own a cottage and live north of the city.

Until one day, he met…

img_5714Michelle Abad a.k.a “The Queen Bee”

Engineer. Salesperson. Tour Leader. Pyromaniac. Adventurer & Explorer. Living her own dreams and enabling those of others.

In the fall of 2016, Gaston took Michelle on his yearly pilgrimage to Algonquin, and on a whim, two weeks later they turned their lives around and made a new home in the small, vibrant community of Kearney, Ontario and have never looked back!


The first summer at the cottage Gaston was itching to get his buzz on. They invested in a couple of colonies and Michelle was in love.

And so began their little bee family.

One day over drinks, they were sharing bee stories and fielding questions on what to do with all the honey they would produce… That night, Got Hives? was born.

We created this blog to share our adventures and hopefully provide you with a few laughs along the way. We hope you join us in the land of honey!! (And buy some of ours 😀 – we’ve tasted the local wares and it’s deeee-lish!)

Watch for future updates on how to order our liquid gold and other beeswax products.

Can’t wait to our first production 😀

— The Beekeeper and the Queen Bee