Where have you BEE-n?

— Guest post by the Queen Bee

To our honey combers and busy bee followers,

We have failed you in this latter part of the season and haven’t kept you up to date on our ladies. For that we are un-bee-lievably sorry. While we have had some amazing highlights, we’ve been really disappointed with some of the hard and devastating lessons we’ve had to learn.  For me, it’s been the reason unfortunately, of why we haven’t been able to post.

where have you been

However, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” — Colin Powell

I have my duty, as a Queen bee, to my other Queen Bees to learn from our mistakes and share, so that others might avoid them.  The truth is, I LOVE my bees, (Gaston may even say unhealthily so) and am touched by the loss of any of them.  When those losses are due to mistakes on our part, it becomes unbearably sad.

Having said that, planes were not designed without crashing a few, the perfect pot roast wasn’t made without burning a rump or two, and truly great stories are never told without the hero first falling from grace.

And so, we will share with you our highs and our lows, our genius and our foibles, all for your education and entertainment.

Humbly yours in honey and beeswax,

The Beekeeper and The Queen Bee.

be back

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