Love bites…

We picked up all of our bees last night and The Queen Bee is ecstatic.

IMG_9563[1]We were on a mission and had to operate in stealth mode in Scott’s bee yard.  We waited until the late evening when all the bees had returned home for the night.  When they were all inside, we sneakily taped up the front entrances and absconded with them to our house. We put each nuc on top of the hive box that they would be living in and took off the tape on the entrance.  It was unlikely that anyone would be out exploring tonight, but a few of them came out to see what was going on.  When they woke in the morning, they would be able to reorient themselves to their new surroundings.

img_05541.pngI woke up to a soggy wet morning and no Michelle by my side.  Looking groggily out the window I saw that she had been busy at the crack of dawn creating makeshift water shelters for the bees – reason #34 why I am happy to be with an engineer.  Moving them from their nucs to their new condos would have to wait until the weather cleared up.

We had learned a lot, i.e. everything we were doing wrong, during the beekeeping course we took a few weekends ago and got a lot of tips and advice as well.  They recommended not using gloves, because it gave you a higher sensitivity and made sure you pay more attention to not squishing any bees, etc.  so we were excited to try out some of thing things we had learned.

Michelle was so excited, she decided to fly solo in transferring the bees to their new home…maybe even a little too excited… and apparently forgot the key step of smoking the bees before moving them. As always, there is a learning curve when testing out new ideas, and it looks like it was a bit of a painful one for her.

For those of you unable to watch the video below it is basically Michelle swearing for 2 minutes – parental discretion is advised.


Poor thing.  Her hand swelled up like a catcher’s mit and she couldn’t make a fist for a couple of days. She’s a fighter though, and after a couple of scoops of ice cream, everything was right again in the world.

The good news is, the ladies are set up in their condos and we will check in on how they are doing in a couple of weeks 😉

MelloniaAnd now that we’ve got a few to manage, we’ve also named them for reference:

  • Hives 1&2: O-BEE-Wan / Keno-BEE
  • Hives 3&4: BEE-uty and The BEE-ast
  • Hives 5: Aristaeus – Greek god of beekeeping
  • Hive 6: Mellonia: Roman goddess of bees and protecting the sweetness of honey



1 thought on “Love bites…”

  1. Well moi vous trouve pas mal smarte et brave, pauvre Michelle avec sesmains toute enfler!
    Moi c’rois que breakrais les rules comme Michelle dirait fuck that as ous ques mes gants😜
    Thanks for sharing your story and making ma laugh with Michelle cursing lol
    Have a nice week u two 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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